Special Services

Best Spa in Tijuana

With more than 40 years in Tijuana one of the best Spas in Tijuana.

Fantasy Tan (80 min.)
$ 50.00 dlls
Tanned based pigments that do not harm health.
Carbossiterapia (40 min.)
$ 40.00 dlls
Oxygen injection adipose tissue to improve circulation.
Endermologie (60 min.)
$ 30.00 dlls
Laser Hair Removal
Depending area
90% of permanent removal in all skin types and any area of the body.
Accent (radiofrequency)
$ 65.00 dlls. Facial
Firming skin treatment that achieves a colagenogénesis effect (formation of new collagen).
Soprano (intense red light)
$85.00 dlls. Facial
Anti-aging treatment.
Lipomax (80 min.)
$ 120.00 dlls
Ultrasound Lumicell
$ 55.00 dlls
Depending area